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Help & FAQ

LEGO Discovery Centre is not a theme park but a small indoor attraction designed from the perception of a child between 2 and 10 years old. It provides a safe and fun environment for families with younger children to have fun together. Many of the designed facilities are therefore not designed or suitable for older children or adults. Such as the gaming areas or some attractions.

To ensure a consistently child-friendly play environment, we do not allow groups of adults, adult couples or adults alone regardless of ethnic background, gender or physical condition, who are not accompanied by a child / children. This policy was created in consultation with our visitors and we believe that we have taken an appropriate and practical position that matches the nature of the attraction and the visitor profile.

Having said that, we are well aware that the popularity of the LEGO® brick cannot be limited and that fans exist of all ages and abilities. That is also the reason that we regularly organize “adults only” events in which certain areas of the center are open, such as MINI WORLD, and additional activities such as presentations or lessons are organized to compensate for adults not using many parts of the attraction.

The whole attraction is air conditioned. Please note that kids must wear socks to get entrance to the sofplay area and climbing wall.  

The LEGO Discovery Centre offers an Activity Pack which can be purchased for 5€ on top of the normal ticket price. The Activity Pack is an activity booklet shaped like a robot for children to take home as a souvenir. It includes several activities to do in the attraction (such as collecting footprints at the terminals in our various zones), fun facts and constructions activities that can be done in the attraction and/or at home. More LEGO fun at the LEGO Discovery Centre and at home !

No, but we have small lockers available in the attraction.

Please note that the number of lockers available is limited. We advise you to leave your coats in your car if this option is possible for you.

Yes, adults must buy a ticket to access the attraction and be accompanied by a child.

Yes, it is allowed. There must be at least one child under 18 years in the party.

No, all children must be accompanied by an adult and supervised at all times.

When purchasing a ticket, you will be asked to choose a time slot. The time slot is your arrival date and time. If you cannot select your desire timeslot, it means that the timeslot is fully booked.

This system prevents queue time and crowding. It helps us make your visit at the LEGO Discovery Centre more enjoyable.


Please note : Booking tickets and time slots is only possible online, not by phone or email. We strongly advise you to book your ticket online. This is the only way we can guarantee you access to the attraction.

Our attraction and our LEGO® Shop are cashless. We accept these following payment methods :

  • Maestro / Bancontact
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • V-Pay
  • American Express


On average, a visit to the LEGO Discovery Centre takes 2 to 3 hours.

Yes, it is possible to buy tickets at the entrance, but we cannot guarantee you the access to the attraction if the time slot is already fully booked. We strongly advise you to always book your ticket in advance via our website.

Please note : The LEGO Discovery Centre is cashless. 

Yes, you can change the time slot before your visit and up to 5 times via the booking portal. To connect, you will need the confirmation number and the address mail used for the booking. The link for the booking portal is in your confirmation mail.

Please send a mail to with the following information:

  • The confirmation order number received
  • If you don’t have the confirmation number: the last 4 digits of the credit card number with which you made your booking
  • The mail address used for the booking
  • The time slot you picked

Our colleagues will do the check and help you further.